Fresh Roasted Coffee Subscription Review & Photos For 2023

There are so many great things about coffee subscriptions, but one of the best is getting fresh coffee delivered right to your door whenever you need it. That’s something that we love especially with Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC.

This subscription box is very customizable and offers so many different types of coffee, as well as different ways to brew those coffees. And that’s not all! There are so many other great features when it comes to Fresh Roasted Coffee and we’re eager to tell you everything!

Fresh Roasted Coffee Review

Fresh Roasted Coffee Company: History/Overview

Before we dive straight into the subscription review, let’s look a little into the Fresh Roasted Coffee Company itself. You may be surprised to learn that it actually started up in 2009 thanks to Andrew Oakes, who was running a water delivery service. It didn’t take long for him to expand this service to other things, such as cups, creamers, tea bags, and more.

Once he decided to start providing coffee, as well, he took it a step further by roasting the beans himself. While he started small, his business soon grew into a full-time coffee roasting opportunity rather than a water delivery company. Now, it’s such a big business that they’re roasting millions of pounds of coffee beans yearly and they have over 80 different coffees, including single-origins, artisan blends, flavored coffee, and unroasted green coffee.

Fresh Roasted Coffee lives up to its namesake by making sure that each order of coffee is roasted and shipped the very next day. They ensure that their varying types of coffee are of great quality while still being available at a fair price so that everyone can enjoy it. If you prefer tea over coffee, they even have a side company called Positively Tea, which sells more than 70 types of organic loose-leaf tea, tea bags, and tea pods!

Fresh Roasted Coffee Subscription Review

Fresh Roasted Coffee Subscription

Use coupon code COFFEESUBSCRIBER to save 20% on your first order. (New customers only).

  • Several different product types
  • Whole bean or ground
  • Long range of delivery frequency
  • Roasted the night before
  • Discounted price with subscription
  • No free shipping
  • Coffee samplers purchased separately
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
Fresh Roasted Coffee box

Now that you’re caught up on what Fresh Roasted Coffee is, let’s talk about what they offer. The affiliate sample box I received in the mail contained so many different types of coffee with several different ways to brew them.

Fresh Roasted Coffee open box

Included in the box were 6 Envipods in three roasts, 4 Sachet Singles, 4 sample bags of coffee beans, and one regular 12-ounce bag of coffee beans. It was all nicely packaged and I was so excited to get brewing. All the products we received are available as a subscription in full size.

Fresh Roasted Coffee


Fresh Roasted Coffee Envipods

Our innovative envipods® are designed to give you up to 25% more fresh roasted coffee with as few touchpoints as possible. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The first thing that drew my interest was Fresh Roasted Coffee’s Envipods. These individually wrapped pods are exclusive to Fresh Roasted Coffee and work as a single-serve coffee that’s compatible with 1.0 and 2.0 K-Cup coffee makers. While they aren’t compatible with some other systems, they are freshly roasted and nitrogen-flushed so you can be guaranteed you’re getting safe, convenient, and fresh coffee in each pod.

Fresh Roasted Coffee's Envipods

Black Knight

The Black Knight Envipod is an artisan dark roast coffee blend that contains a bold flavor and body. It’s Fair Trade and USDA Organic and full of notes that include tropical plantains and caramelized sugar.

While I didn’t get a chance to brew these pods since I didn’t have a compatible system, I could smell the strong aroma coming from them. For example, the Black Knight Envipod gave off a dark, sweet, and inviting smell.

FTO Sumatra

The next Envipod included was the Fair Trade Organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified Sumatra roast. This medium roast coffee is described as bold-bodied and flavorful with vegetal notes of pepper, earthy, and chocolate. Its aroma isn’t as bold as the Black Knight pod, but you can slightly smell a bit of the pepper note.

FTO Colombia

The last type of Envipod in the box was the Fair Trade Organic Colombian coffee, which is a medium roast that is described as having a smooth, bold body and tasting notes of almond, milk chocolate, cream, and a bit of citrus. Its aroma is even less bold than the others, but the easiest note to pick up on is the almonds.

Sachet Singles

The next type of coffee I received was something I hadn’t seen before; Sachet Singles. These individually wrapped sachets make brewing up a cup of coffee even easier. All you have to do is add 6-10 ounces of hot water, let it steep for about 3 minutes, and you have yourself a tasty cup of joe.

FRC Decaf Artisan Blend

These work just like a tea bag would and taste way better than your traditional instant coffee since they’re also all freshly roasted and nitrogen-flushed. You can even pour the brewed coffee over ice or steep it in room temp water for 16-24 hours to make a cold brew coffee concentrate for a more refreshing beverage. It makes traveling easy, as well!

FRC Decaf Blend

FRC Decaf Blend – Fresh Roasted Coffee

This intense, rich decaf coffee is the perfect choice for coffee lovers who want a full-bodied, flavorful cup without the caffeine. 

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I tried the decaf blend first, though I’m definitely not someone who drinks decaf coffee. This sachet is full of a blend of South American medium roast coffee beans that are intense, bold-bodied, and have had 99.9% of the caffeine removed from them by way of a Swiss Water method. Tasting notes include brown sugar, toasty, and hazelnut.

FRC Decaf Blend next to the cup

The aroma is sweet, toasted, nutty, comforting, and warm. It’s definitely hard to tell that this is decaf because the tasting notes really come through to create a good, bold cup of coffee. The taste turns out to be more nutty than sweet, however, as the brown sugar seems to get lost under the hazelnut and toasty notes.

FRC Light

FRC Light – Fresh Roasted Coffee

Brighten your morning with this premium light roast coffee, our take on the perfect smooth cup. 

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The light roast artisan blend of the sachet singles is a smooth, bright, and flavorful option. It’s a blend of coffee beans from Central and South America that create a mild-bodied cup with tasting notes that are bright, crisp, and juicy.

FRC Light next to the cup

This light roast’s aroma is already citrusy and fruity, almost like that of an apple. Once it’s brewed up, the smell is even toastier. The taste remains light and fruity, though it does have a bit of a toasty hint to it. Overall, it’s a warm and citrusy cup of joe.

FRC Medium

FRC Medium - Fresh Roasted Coffee

This blend of Central and South American coffee beans is responsibly sourced and perfectly roasted using our state-of-the-art smokeless roasting technology.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The next Sachet Single I tried was the medium roast, which is another artisan blend from Central and South America that’s perfectly mild-bodied and balanced, with tasting notes that are clean and sweet.

FRC Medium next to the cup

This brew’s aroma was very bright and citrusy, which carried on to the taste, which was sweet and well-balanced. Overall, this worked as a great classic medium roast.

FRC Dark

FRC Dark - Fresh Roasted Coffee

Bold and rich with great depth of flavor and a lingering toasty finish. Perfectly developed for drip or espresso.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The last Sachet Single included in the Fresh Roasted Coffee box was a bold-bodied dark roast blend from Indonesia and Central America. The tasting notes are bold, rich, and toasty.

FRC Dark next to the cup

This sachet’s aroma was darker than the others, as well as very chocolatey and citrusy. The taste seemed to include dark chocolate and citrus notes, but it was very sweet and smooth while still being bold-bodied, making this a great dark roast option.

Sample Bags

Moving onto the actual coffee beans that were in the box, I received four different 2.5-ounce sample bags. These were all medium roasts, but they were also each very different from each other.

Organic Guatemala Huehuetenango

Organic Guatemalan Huehuetenango – Fresh Roasted Coffee

The forward flavors from the initial profile of our organic Guatemala Huehuetenango coffee present hints of milk chocolate and rounds off into a sweet orange finish. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
Organic Guatemala Huehuetenango

Starting off with the Organic Guatemala Huehuetenango, which is a medium roast that’s known to contain a balanced flavor and smooth, mild body. The tasting notes include milk chocolate and orange citrus.

Organic Guatemala Huehuetenango next to coffee beans

The region this fully washed and sun-dried coffee comes from strives to help farmers learn sustainable agricultural methods and organic farming so that the flavor can be preserved and enhanced. It’s also been fully screened for mold and mycotoxins, so you can rest assured that it’s safe and of great quality.

Organic Guatemala Huehuetenango next to the cup

The aroma is sweet with hints of the notes of chocolate and orange. Its flavor profile turned out to be very citrusy, which seemed to slightly take over the chocolate note. Overall, it’s a smooth drink, but also rather tart.

Organic Bali Blue Moon

Organic Bali Blue Moon - Fresh Roasted Coffee

Organic Bali Blue Moon coffee is overwhelmingly rich with syrupy dark chocolate notes, a creamy mouthfeel and spiced finish. 

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Organic Bali Blue Moon

This next medium roast, the Organic Bali Blue Moon, is a very rich, bold-bodied coffee with a sort of spiced feeling to it. It’s an Indonesian coffee that has a subtle earthiness and tasting notes of dark chocolate, vanilla bean, and anise.

Organic Bali Blue Moon next to coffee beans

The single-origin coffee, Organic Bali Blue Moon, is a Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee that’s definitely one of Fresh Roasted Coffee’s bestsellers. The washing process is wet-hulled and the drying process is patio and solar-dried.

Organic Bali Blue Moon next to the cup

Its aroma is very sweet and light, giving way to the dark chocolate note. The flavor profile turns out to be sweet and comforting, but most definitely bold-bodied. There’s a slight tart and tingly finish, which seems to come from the note of anise.

Blackbeard’s Revenge

Blackbeard's Revenge - Fresh Roasted Coffee

Blackbeard's Revenge is a bold and flavorful medium roast coffee with nutty flavor notes of roasted almonds and tangy bites of dark chocolate. The cup, and finish are intense and aromatic.

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Blackbeard's Revenge

Moving on to Blackbeard’s Revenge, which features a fun little bag design, this is a medium roast that’s bold-bodied, very flavorful, and intense. Tasting notes for this artisan blend of coffee from South America, Africa, and the Indo-Pacific include dark chocolate and roasted almonds.

Blackbeard's Revenge next to coffee beans

The aroma of Blackbeard’s Revenge is very dark and nutty, which carries on to the taste. Overall, it’s a very intense, chocolatey, and bold coffee, but still very balanced.

Blackbeard's Revenge next to the cup

Organic Drago

Organic Drago - Fresh Roasted Coffee

Organic Drago is a fierce medium roast coffee. This full-bodied and smooth coffee blend is an ideal match for espresso. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
Organic Drago

The last sample bag of coffee from Fresh Roasted Coffee’s box is Organic Drago, which also has a fun bag design and is a medium roast that’s bold-bodied and smooth. It’s an artisan blend of coffees from Central America, Africa, and the Indo-Pacific and would work perfectly for espresso use.

Organic Drago next to coffee beans

Tasting notes include butter rum and lemon zest, which can be seen even in the sweet and citrusy aroma. Drago’s taste is smooth and sweet with a hint of citrus. Every note is explored with this bold sip, and the butter rum and lemon zest work really well together.

Organic Drago next to the cup

12 Ounce Bag

The last item I received in Fresh Roasted Coffee’s box was the full 12-ounce resealable bag of roasted coffee beans, which came in a light roast rather than a medium roast like the sample bags did.

Organic Rwanda

Organic Rwanda - Fresh Roasted Coffee

This offering from Rwanda is a stellar showcase of the fine coffees from this region. The cup quality is extremely smooth, with sparkling acidity and a plush mouthfeel. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Organic Rwanda light roast coffee is mild-bodied and perfectly depicts what’s great about coffees from the region. It’s smooth and citrusy, fully washed, and sun-dried on raised beds.

Organic Rwanda

Coffee farmers in the area where this is grown are passionate about creating great quality coffee through their cooperative, Kopaki. They joined with another group of cooperatives, Misozi, and have become a Fair Trade Certified organization.

Organic Rwanda next to coffee beans

The tasting notes for this bag of beans include passion fruit, lime zest, and brown sugar, which can all be seen in the sweet, light, and fruity aroma. Organic Rwanda’s fruity notes make it citrusy, sweet, light, bright, and a perfect blend for a light roast. The passion fruit and lime zest work great together, and the brown sugar adds just a touch of sweetness.

Organic Rwanda next to the cup

Fresh Roasted Coffee: Subscription Options

Fresh Roasted Coffee Subscription

Use coupon code COFFEESUBSCRIBER to save 20% on your first order. (New customers only).

  • Several different product types
  • Whole bean or ground
  • Long range of delivery frequency
  • Roasted the night before
  • Discounted price with subscription
  • No free shipping
  • Coffee samplers purchased separately
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

When it comes to the options for subscriptions with Fresh Roasted Coffee, it’s really limitless. Almost all of their products, including single-origins, artisan blends, flavored coffees, coffee pods, sachets, and more are available in their Auto Deliver Subscription Program. They also have a Roaster’s Choice subscription option.

Some of the most popular products, aside from those shown in the review above, include their Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and the Costa Rican Tarrazu. Whatever you decide you want to try, or if you already have a favorite from Fresh Roasted Coffee, you can choose to get that coffee sent to you as often as you want, whenever you want.

With most of the products, you can choose between whole bean, drip grind, coarse grind, or fine grind. You can also pick the amount you want, whether that be a 12-ounce bag or a 5-pound bag. From there, you change your delivery frequency to anywhere between 2-8 weeks. It’s really just what works for you and your coffee needs.

Fresh Roasted Coffee: Roasting

As their name states, Fresh Roasted Coffee strives to make sure you’re getting the freshest coffee possible, no matter when you order. They roast every night for that day’s orders, which are then shipped out the next day. This can even be said for the many different formats they offer, such as the Envipods and Sachet Singles.

They also put a coffee roast date on every package using a white sticker that follows the Julian Calendar system, which follows the numerical day of the year. This way, you can be sure that your delivered coffee really is as fresh as it can be.

Fresh Roasted Coffee: Pricing

At the current time of writing, Fresh Roasted Coffee’s pricing depends entirely on what size bag you’re purchasing and, of course, how often you’re purchasing it. For example, a 12-ounce bag would fall at around $15.95, a 2-pound bag would be priced at around $30.95, and a 5-pound bag would sit at around $57.95.

However, with the subscription, you get 20% off your first order and then 15% off every order after that. This would mean, essentially, that you could get your first 12-ounce bag for $13.56, a 2-pound bag for $26.31, or a 5-pound bag for $49.26.

Moreover, the prices differentiate further when looking at the other formats of coffee that you can subscribe to, such as the Envipods or Sachet Singles. Either way, you can still receive the discounts above on your subscription. While these prices vary on products, sizes, and delivery frequency, you can still always change, pause, or cancel your subscription at any point.

What Makes Fresh Roasted Coffee Unique?

When it comes to Fresh Roasted Coffee, they strive to set themselves apart from their competitors by roasting orders every night, guaranteeing freshness above all else. They also have a larger variety of products compared to some other roasters out there.

As Fresh Roasted Coffee’s affiliate manager would say, “we’re producing in many formats to allow people to enjoy our products no matter how they choose to make their coffee.” This definitely makes them a unique coffee roaster and subscription program.

How to Cancel Fresh Roasted Coffee

Since Fresh Roasted Coffee’s subscription is for a specific product and you may want to switch or add products, it’s easy to do so. All you have to do is pick an item and add it to your upcoming order. You can also swap products out by removing ones that you don’t want to be delivered to you anymore.

If you want to just cancel an order because you may not need coffee any time soon, you can do so without having to cancel your whole subscription, as it will just move the delivery to the next date. If you’ve decided you don’t want any subscription at all anymore, all you have to do is log into your subscription account and cancel both the products and the upcoming order that will be listed there.

Fresh Roasted Coffee: Final Thoughts

Overall, Fresh Roasted Coffee is a great coffee subscription service, as not only do you get freshly roasted-to-order coffee whenever you need it, but you also have the option to receive subscription-based coffee in several different forms.

If you don’t want any of the several coffee whole bean and ground options, you can choose to get easy-to-use Sachet Singles, coffee pods, Envipods, and more. However you brew, Fresh Roasted Coffee is there to provide you with great-tasting, amazing coffee.

They offer some great artisan blends as well as unique single-origin options. Fresh Roasted Coffee strives to offer compatibility, flexibility, and freshly roasted perfection.

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